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Sirius Gate Necklace

Звичайна ціна $65.89 CAD
Звичайна ціна Ціна розпродажу $65.89 CAD


The Sirius Gate Protection has come to protect not only your Home, but now by integrating with you with your energy.
The Sirius Gate Symbol is an ancient symbol.
It works with 22 Lemurian Crystal Quartz symbols. It is a special and very powerful protection bestowed upon us by the divine power.
The Sirius Gate symbol that you use at your home/office is a complete protection. It takes the person wearing it under the full protection of the divine system.
• It is 925 sterling silver.
•Product chain 45 cm. is
•Gold, Rose, Silver colors are available.
•There is no product return.
Important note: All legal rights of the Sirius Gate necklace belong to Molivatash Nüket Ünlü.

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Moliva TashSirius Gate Necklace

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