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Selenite nail hand mass obelisk

Звичайна ціна $33.69 CAD
Звичайна ціна Ціна розпродажу $33.69 CAD


✨Dissolves negative deposits in the aura.
✨Unlocks blocks.
✨Ideal for removing stagnant energy from the body.
✨Improves telepathy ability.
✨ It provides a peaceful environment at home and work.
✨It cleans and protects your space from negative energies.
✨Creates a safe and quiet place.
✨ Strengthens the immune system.
It provides mental focus.
✨ Regulates the nervous system.
✨ Cleanses free radicals in cells. Regulates cell levels to remediate cell damage.
✨ Helps to remember dreams

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Moliva TashSelenite nail hand mass obelisk

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