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Sacred 7 custom coded soy candle

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Product Description

Our Chakras and Aura are sensitive to Crystals, Colors, Scents and sounds. Because of the troubles we've been through
Our chakras are blocked, our aura can be damaged.
Molivatash HOLY 7 PIECES of handmade, aromatic soy wax specially prepared to open our chakra blockages and repair our Aura.
All you have to do is light your candle to unlock your blocks and repair our Aura.
Working with crystal stones
•Decorating with chakra colors
•Dressing with chakra colors.
•Listen to chakra mantras.
•Using affirmative sentences.
•Using aromatic oils.
Consuming foods of 7 different colors.
•Drinking water
•Protection from energy vampires.
•Do meditation.
It will help us to repair our 7 chakras and our Aura.
May your light never go out

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Moliva TashSacred 7 custom coded soy candle

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