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Our Journey

Diana Virgovicova

I was born and raised in a beautiful small country in the heart of Europe - Slovakia. I am currently a computer engineering student at the University of Toronto. The idea of CulturExpo began in 2019 when I traveled to Morroco; I wanted to buy a traditional Morrocan carpet. The seller told me that mass production replaced more than 80% of their products; this struck me when I later found out that it is a global trend.
I want to change the way we think of culture and cultural products.


Kerem Topal Ismail Oglou

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I grew up in between two cultures - the European and Asian. Living in such a diverse city showed me how unique we all are and how important it is to preserve this diversity. I believe CulturExpo is the next step in globalization; so far, many cultures have gone extinct CulturExpo will bring them back so we never forget.


Chenika Catherin Bukes

Hello! I am born and raised South African and growing up I went to an international school. Currently, I am a computer science student at the University of Toronto and am lucky to be around people from around the world. Learning amongst people from all parts of the world has highlighted to me the importance of preserving cultures. I believe CulturExpo is an integral part to that mission and enjoy working on this project to achieve that purpose!



- Let's change the way we think of culture -

Our mission

Our goal is to bring handicraft designers of unique cultural products into one place where they are welcome to create and share the unique products representing their countries. We want to connect the buyers with sellers from all corners of the world; now, you can learn about mysterious and unknown cultures you thought that never existed.

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