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Diaries - Zipped Pouch

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Product Description

The pouch diary is a combination of a classic, cloth-bound diary and a zippered pouch to keep your pens, erasers and paperclips together. Wake up in the morning and spill your thoughts on paper before they're gone. Don't get stuck without a diary or pen again!

Our innovative design has a zippered pouch designed to hold a pen, so you won't find yourself in the awkward situation of not having what you need to write down your thoughts. The dual-purpose pouch and diary product will allow you to keep track of your thoughts and feelings at all times, so that you'll never forget what happened or what you wanted to do.

 Size: 8.5 by 5.6 inches

No. of pages (cartridge sheets - plain) - 40

Store Description

Collapsible tab

Chhoti Si AshaDiaries - Zipped Pouch

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