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Just little things

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This picture is dedicated to all people suffering due to famine and poverty. Where schools are the only dream.
My best friend had the chance to visit a couple of the poorest countries in the world such as China, India, and even more. She took home besides experience even also authentic photos which I could not have the chance to see before even nowadays, for instance, on the internet and even to create this artwork without them. I mean the reality of others' everyday lives. Thanks to her I started more thinking about them and wanted to know even more. The stuff like having the option to go to school, have enough food, and mainly drinking water is a small thing and for us matter of course, but for others not really. Even more, they have still a reason to smile.
My goal is to tell through this picture no matter where we came from. Do not be greedy, and ruthless, but let's all be kind-hearted, and wish others happiness not only yourself. Because everyday life learn us that nothing is granted for a long time.


The product is painted picture by acrylic colors on canvas wich size is 50X50 cm. 
The year of production: 2021

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Andrea HajtmánkováJust little things

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