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Custom coded soy candle with Madagascar Quartz Crystal

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Product Description

We attract people of the same frequency and events of the same frequency into our lives, which is why it is very important to keep our frequency high. Because keeping our frequency high also means raising our immune system and energy.
Molivatash MADAGASCAR QUARTZ handmade, aromatic soy wax is specially designed with frequency-raising Crystal stones.
All you have to do to raise your frequency is to light your candle.
•Working with crystal stones.
Using rose oil
Listening to high frequency music
•Participating in activities that we will enjoy.
•Eating foods we love.
• to meditate
Watching funny movies
•To laugh
•Taking a walk in the open air.
Getting away from everything and everyone that reduces our quality of life
It will help you increase your frequency.
May your light never go out.

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Moliva TashCustom coded soy candle with Madagascar Quartz Crystal

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