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Seller Stage 1

Prerequisites: None

  • Word of Mouth Seller Attraction, but this will be the lowest priority.
  • Reach out to sellers on a personal level. Find them either by telling someone we know or find them online. Talk to them via zoom call or meet them in real life. The goal is to connect with them personally to ensure they will come to our platform.
  • Attend festivals or conferences like “Toronto Artisan Market - Trinity Bellwoods Park” and talk to sellers in person about our mission. Give sellers our business cards for contact.
  • Continue until 50 Sellers are Registered.

Buyer Stage 1

Prerequisites: None

  • All team members use their social media platforms for advertising our platform.
  • The posts should present the mission and the idea for our company. We will create a 45-second elevator pitch for the social media post. In this short video, we will ask people to contact us if they want to help the mission (meaning if we can later use their platform to reach out to more people). We will also ask if they know any sellers they can onboard and are they willing to come to our platform to support small businesses by purchasing products.
  • Have a quick copy past response for anyone who wants to inquire more about our company.
  • Continue until all team members have posted on their social media platforms.



Seller Stage 2

Prerequisites: Seller Stage 1 and Buyer Stage 1.

  • Have a similar methodology as stage 1.
  • Be less personal with sellers. Quick message online or 45-second elevator pitch in person.
  • Try to reach critical mass, so we don't have to spend time finding sellers and talking to all of them in great detail.
  • Continue until 100 Sellers are Registered.

Buyer Stage 2

Prerequisites: Buyer Stage 1

  • Every team member should contact anyone in their network who showed interest in Buyer Stage 1 and ask them to share some posts.
  • The team will contact social media personalities, people with high extensive networks, news organizations, non-profits, old schools, and past business associates that they know personally to post on their respective platforms.
  • Beforehand, the team will make a list and organize it from easy to convince to hard to convince to least. The team will approach these individuals according to the list and provide them with images, scripts (if they ask), and videos to bolster our company's image.



Seller Stage 3 & Buyer Stage 3

Prerequisites: Seller Stage 2, Buyer Stage 2, and 4000 CAD available funding.

  • Hire interns and social media veterans to run our social media accounts.
  • Either produce and advertisement ourselves or hire a freelancer to produce an ad for us.
  • Start running this ad on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Before running an ad, we plan to have 20-30 posts on each platform minimum.
  • Continue until our social media funding investment runs out.

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